ProGuard Plus is a single-source provider of polymer technologies designed to solve today’s toughest building and production challenges, and is an innovator and world leader in chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) resins and compounds.

With billions of feet installed globally, our CPVC piping systems are designed for a wide variety of applications including plumbing, fire protection and industrial systems. All of our systems are backed by robust research and development capabilities and the technical expertise of our piping system consultants.

To help you identify the products that best suit your needs, we provide one of the industry's largest networks of technical support specialists in the field to provide answers, hands-on demonstrations and education.

Through product innovation, technical expertise and the many value-added services it offers customers,  ProGuard Plus continues to advance CPVC solutions for the building and construction market. From design of the base materials, to the production of resins and compounds, ProGuard Plus has established world-class research and development capabilities, differentiating it from its competitors and setting a higher standard for product quality.

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